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Lamination and Laminators Troubleshooting Guide

Laminating is a combination of art and science. Here are some pointers to help you use your roll laminator to produce the highest quality laminations. MyBinding provides a wide selection of hot and cold laminators.   Making Heat Settings Modifications:  When first starting off, it is important to stick to the laminator’s recommended heat settings. […]

Laminating Sheets vs. Pouches – What’s the Difference? 

There is a distinction between both a laminating pouch and a laminating sheet even though the phrases are frequently used interchangeably in the laminating industry. They both contain polyester and adhesive, however, lamination pouches often have a far higher ratio of polyester to adhesive than lamination film. Lamination pouches feel significantly stiffer as a result […]

Foiling – Everything You Need to Know 

Foiling is an exciting product that lets you make stunning cards, prints, and more! Here is everything you need to know about foiling before you get started.

How to Make a Calendar – 3 Best Methods

Wire tent calendar on desk with pencils

If you’ve ever wondered how those beautiful wire-bound calendars are made, wonder no longer! You can construct a wire bound calendar in three different ways using the easy instructions in this DIY wire calendar guide. Search for “my tips” along the way if you’d like some personal tips or come across a roadblock.   To begin, […]

Top Laminators for Foiling 

Laminating Foils and Foil Machine

The best laminators for foiling will share a few features, including adjustable heat settings that can achieve a minimum of 300° F, customizable speed, heat rollers in place of heat plates, and the ability to handle thick lamination pouches of at least 10mil.  In order to give you some interesting ideas for the kinds of […]