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Screw Posts – A Simple and Cost-Effective Binding Method

When choosing a binding method, it’s important to consider how easy the method will be. There are many different types of binding methods and some of them are easier than others. Some of the more difficult methods include wire binding, which requires you to punch your pages, then finagle a wire spine into your document. Working with spiral coil can be difficult as well, especially if you’ve never used a pair of coil crimpers before.

Hey, Libraries! Save Yourselves Some Cash With Powis Parker Fastback!

Whenever times get tight, the first casualties of budget cuts usually have something to do with either education or the arts. Schools and libraries are often the ones that get the worse treatment, getting the short end of the stick over and over again. With tight budgets, it becomes difficult to not just buy new books, but replace the old ones, especially paperbacks that don’t last nearly as long as a hardcover book. However, libraries (both public and school) can get some help from Powis Parker Fastback.

How a Paper Shredder Can Help You Comply With HIPAA and FACTA Rules

When you think about paper shredders and the protection they can provide, what comes to mind? If you’re like most people, you’re worried about an identity thief making off with your credit card information, Social Security number, and so forth. But if you run a business, you need to consider someone else’s privacy: your customer’s. […]

The Dangers of Shredding Services – Why You Need a Paper Shredder

Many companies use paper shredding services – perhaps yours is one of them. But while shredding services can be helpful, using them can also be risky. After all, once your sensitive information leaves the building, do you really know what happens to it? How can you be 100% sure your legal documents, credit card information, […]

Choosing a Binding Machine For Your Office

If you’re thinking of buying a binding machine for your home or business, perhaps you’re wondering what kind of machine would best fit your needs. There are a few factors to consider when making your decision, from identifying the type of documents you’ll be binding to knowing what styles of binding are available. Here are […]