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Shredding Laws and Your Business

It is no longer a matter of common courtesy for you and your business to shred your customers’ confidential information. The rise in identity theft crimes has caused congress to act by passing three major pieces of legislation that require businesses to completely destroy any documents containing certain kinds of sensitive information before discarding. The penalties and fines can be steep, ranging from $1000 to $500,000, not to mention the risk of civil litigation and liability.

Shredders and Your Document Safety Program

When you consider the inherent and increasing dangers of identity theft and corporate spying, as well as new federal regulations, it makes sense for your business to have one, if not several, paper shredders on hand to destroy the confidential documents you aren’t able to keep under lock and key. Having shredders on hand is, however only the beginning. Shredders are only effective if you and your people use them.

Oregon Company Tries “Insane” Tactics to Get New Web Traffic

  Hillsboro, OR (PRWEB) April 16, 2010 — To succeed in today’s business world, having a web presence is essential. A good website can spread the word about innovative products, attract customers, and help increase profits. With that in mind, many companies are turning to corporate blogging to communicate their messages. However, with thousands of […]

Six Easy Ways to Prevent Identity Theft

These days, there is no bigger threat to your financial security than identity theft. It is alarming how many ways those who would seek to defraud you are finding to get at your sensitive information. Here are a few ways you can help prevent identity theft from ever happening.

10 Ways to Use Shredding to Keep Your Business Safe From Corporate Espionage

Though it may sound a little bit “cloak and dagger,” corporate spying is a huge, billion dollar problem that presents a certain amount of danger for almost any size business. There are many ways to keep your strategic and competitive information secure, but no option is better than on site document shredding. You may be asking yourself what documents need to be shredded in order to best protect yourself, and you might be surprised at the ways that certain information can be used against you.