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In-House Binding Vs Paying a Print Shop

One of the ways in which you can take your business to the next level is to bring the capability to bind your own documents, presentations and proposals on-site and in-house. There are many advantages to this when it comes to convenience and flexibility, quality control, and saving time, but one advantage that is often overlooked is that of the money you will save–and fairly quickly–over using a printer or other office services shop.

Five Reasons Why Librarians, Publishers, and Authors Love the Powis Parker Fastback

Ever since the Fastback line of binding equipment was first released, Librarians, Publishers and Authors have been singing the praise of Powis Parker. In fact, Tom Abate of the San Francisco Chronicle reports that “An easy-to-use book binder could be the biggest thing to hit the consumer market since desktop publishing.” He continues, “[Powis’] technology is going to play a major role in bringing the capability to produce a high-quality book down to a quantity of one.”

Massive blogging experiment involves over 1,700 new posts in 72 days

  Hillsboro, OR, April 13, 2010 – Internet retailer MyBinding.com recently unveiled its revamped blog, MyBindingBlog.com, complete with a great new look. Now the company is publishing one new blog post per hour 24 hours a day for 72 days straight. MyBinding.com’s Director of Marketing Jeff McRitchie says it’s an experiment to see how an onslaught of content […]

MyBinding Massively Overhauls the Look and Content of its Blog at MyBindingBlog.com

  HILLSBORO, OR, April 13, 2010 — Internet retailer MyBinding.com has announced that its company blog, MyBindingBlog.com, has a new look. The blog contains a wealth of information about the products the business sells and a beautiful new graphic that shows off the company’s logo. The blog, which was launched in the fall of 2009, was originally published […]

How Libraries Can Save Money Using Their Powis Parker Fastback Binding Machine

Every year it seems like budgets get tighter and tighter for both school and public libraries. Unfortunately, a large amount far too much of this budget ends up getting spent on replacing trade paperback books that have fallen apart or buying new trade paperbacks that will soon fall apart. However, school and public libraries that own […]